Dr. Klaus Zernickow and Mumon Kai

The blog owner feels compelled to point out to those who have a potential interest in Zen Buddhism that for years, complaints have been levied against the Rinzai group Mumon-KAI and its director, Dr Klaus Zernickow (Berlin).

Complaints have also been logged against them by The Center for Sect Issues, Senate Administration for Education, Youth and Science, Bernhard-Weiss-Str. 6, 10178 Berlin, phone 030 90 227 5578, fax 030 90 227 5031, webpage www.berlin.de / sen / family psycho-sect groups.

According to the testimony of a number of former longtime members and students of Mumon-KAI, it is a very dubious and authoritarian group. In addition, investigations by former students and Herbert Rusche in Japan have found that the assertion that Dr. Zernickow is a Dharma successor of Roshi Yuho Seki, is neither documented nor confirmed.

This post is a translation of the origin German post Dr. Klaus Zernickow und Mumon Kai.

Update 19.07.2012

Dr. Klaus Zernickow and Mumon Kai
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